Sunday, May 06, 2012

Wasting Talent

Last week I had one of those moments that make you think “wow if they used their skills for good and not evil, where would we be as a world and society?”   The backstory is that I went to use my credit card Sunday at an office supply store and it was rejected.  When I called, I was shocked to learn my credit card had been cloned and someone 3000 miles away was using it.  And crazier yet, they were using an actual card and swiping, this wasn’t some online purchase.  Thankfully my card company shut this scheme down quick, but it just amazes me how incredibly intelligent people use their skills for criminal activities.  Evidently when I was at a gas station in Mississippi, my swipe was intercepted.  The code then was copied and laid on a card.  And within a day, it was in circulation.  It’s incredible that this happens and that no matter how many precautions you take, you are always vulnerable.  Somewhere truly brilliant people are working to game the system, and rip off innocent people and companies and it’s a shame of the largest measure.


--  This past week had the always-solid Glass Expo from the Mid Atlantic Glass Association.  I was unable to attend but heard from many who did that it was a very good event.  I like that there’s a heavy thirst for shows, as it proves that people in our industry value the education, information, and networking that these events bring.  Keep in mind; the biggest and best of all of these comes up September 12-14 in Las Vegas.  It is shaping up very nicely and if you are not planning on being there, you should really start thinking about it.

--  After a quiet several weeks, last week the drumbeat of rumors of branch closures and equipment being moved overseas started up again.  While this could be more smoke than fire, the fact that the tide of bad news is returning does lead me to believe that the “quiet” I was mentioning was a temporary respite from the volatility we are facing.

--  If you ever find yourself in Dearborn, Michigan, do yourself a favor and take in the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.  Simply awesome slice of American history on display at both and for the summer a stunning “Titanic” exhibit is on hand.  I went last weekend and it was mind blowing.

--  Just got my most recent issue of Glass Magazine and it was very strong again.  Loved the decorative focus.  Many standout pieces but my personal favorites were the products by Jockimo and M3.  Really well done by those companies and everyone who submitted- make sure you check it out!

--  Construction spending was up, albeit slight, but up nonetheless.  Small victories are nothing to sneeze at in a challenging world.

--  From a personal note, I was very excited to see Charles Witherington joining the team at Binswanger Glass.  I am happy to see Charles back in the industry; his knowledge and experience will be put to great use.  No doubt the folks at Binswanger are lucky to have him.

--  Last this week… My daughter’s Derby choices were a mixed bag.  Her winner faded badly down the stretch but her choice for 2nd actually did finish 3rd.  She vows better results at the Preakness.

LINKS of the WEEK:

Newark Airport unfortunately is one of the most frustrating places to fly in and out of.  And this past week a bizarre security glitch made it even worse!

This is for my friends who were using Klout for a while before they realized it was a waste of time.  Great idea here.

Looks like the end of the “kids meal” is getting closer.  Personally, it never made sense to me.  Then again nothing makes sense to me!

VIDEO of the WEEK:

A pretty cool movie from a few years ago is coming out with a sequel.  “The Expendables” now has a #2… and here’s the preview for it.  I love Sly Stallone and Jason Statham… good stuff.

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