Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Glass Industry Draft

This past week was the NFL draft.  As a little kid I seriously LIVED for this event.  It used to be held on a Tuesday morning and I would beg to stay home from school, but my parents were on to my ways, so no fake sickness was going to work that particular day.  Anyway, this year’s edition got me thinking…  One, can you imagine if our industry had a draft?  The ability to bring in fresh talent to fortify our teams would be amazing right?  Especially if it came right to you, like it works in the football process.  Sadly the lack of new talent is a serious issue for our industry.  As I travel the country I hear about the needs of companies to add to their operational and technical folks (seems like sales is not an issue in comparison) and that finding those candidates is difficult.  There are great opportunities on that side of the industry and companies that find good ones are locking them down, because replacing them is an epic chore.  At the end of the day, we can never have a “draft” so we have to find our way.  One approach is growing folks from within, getting them involved in trade organizations and loading up on the great educational opportunities like the Glass Management Institute.  That’s at least a start for sure and part of something that we have to continue to explore to keep advancing our industry.


Because it was a painfully slow news week, just quick hit thoughts…

--  Was it me or was the weather much worse in April than it was in February and March?

--  Congrats to Joe Shultheis on his new gig at Lin El.  Great addition to a very good group of folks!

--  In case you missed it the excellent Matt Johnson penned a fantastic article for Glass Magazine on Social Media and the risks and rewards of on line communication.  Worth a read right here.

-- Was I the only one who did a double take last week seeing news stories featuring “Mestek” and “Meshtec” what are the chances with names so close they end up making news literally the same day?

--  For those of you interested, my daughters fool proof guaranteed pick to win the Kentucky Derby will be on line at my blog later this week- probably Friday night.  I love the Derby- some day I will make it there for it.

--  I guess Boston and Chicago won’t be meeting in the Cup eh?  And my reverse jinxing didn’t work because the Canucks and Pens also went out.  The NHL playoffs… pure craziness.

--  Last this week, I got to observe an “Ask the Expert” radio show in Norfolk, Virginia where glass and glazing were the topics.  It was a great experience to hear the public call in and get a flavor for what THEY are looking for.  Fascinating since what we consider important surely wasn’t the same as what the audience wanted, at least in this small sample.


--  Interesting piece on how we’ve moved from actual conversation… lots of food for thought on this one.

--  Folks in Norway know how to get to someone.  They are singing a song, loudly to the mass killer from last summer.  And he hates that song…. Yes unique torture!

--  I don’t read this name like the people who rejected did. 


You know the scene from “Singing in the Rain” where Gene Kelly grabs and swings around a pole?  Well from this video it looked like a pedestrian was about to do the same… until…. And by the way, Gene Kelly went to my high school, albeit a few years before I did…

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