Sunday, February 12, 2012

I want to be a Zero

At one time being a “Zero” was a bad thing. You really didn’t want to be a zero or hang with any people that were known as that. And you surely didn’t want your house or building to be classified as that. Well that is all changing and with the current trends in energy, being a zero not only will be cool, it will become the norm. This week a report came out that “zero energy buildings” (A zero energy building is one that produces as much energy as it consumes) would be growing at a compound annual rate of 43% with amazing landmarks of 691 Billion (yep that’s a “B”) by 2020 and 1.3 Trillion (and that’s a “T”) by 2035. Folks that is just exciting. And yes I know these are world numbers and the initial push and growth will come in Europe, but I am confident we here in North America will be in the mix. Glass and glazing products obviously will be a part of that effort, and while some may be pricier than the next, performance will finally be valued! Count me in as a zero folks and when I talk about these great products of our current and future, keep in mind being a “zero” is their destiny.


-- What a fun Super Bowl last week. I’m happy for Eli and the Giants and their fans. But I want to talk commercials and specifically one major company that really blew a golden opportunity. Budweiser just came out with a new beer called Bud Platinum. Great name. They had the FIRST ad of the Super Bowl. Great spot. And their ad was completely forgettable. Stunning since Bud had created so many great campaigns over the years. The lesson here is even if your brand is popular and you did great things in the past, if you stumble on the big stage that is all forgotten.

-- Loved the Clint Eastwood ad. Though Clint could read the instructions to setting up a children’s toy and make it sound inspirational and intense.

-- This past week was the International Builders Show in Orlando. It was the first one I have missed in many years. However I heard from many who attended and even got pictures of the snazzy YKK booth to keep me in tune. I also heard about the hit of the show, the PPG Polar Bear. Bummed for sure that I missed being involved in that adventure. Rob Struble & team always know how to get the floor buzz. Overall the reports were that the show was dramatically smaller than the past, but traffic was solid and attitudes leaning positive. So that’s good. I do think people need to attend events like this because if you don’t you miss the products that will make your business survive and thrive.

-- Congrats to Kerry Haglund and her team at the Center for Sustainable Building Research on their fantastic new website- HERE. This website is an insanely good tool and the amount of information and detail is fantastic. The key of this site is the ability to provide people with the intelligence they need to build better buildings using material from our industry. Plus I’d assume if you want to be a zero (like noted above), you’d need to be friendly with the info provided there. Well done Kerry!

-- Last this week more kudos. WA Wilson added two young talents to their sales staff in Josh Perilstein and Justin Benline. And yes Josh is my nephew, so I am biased here. (He’s actually the Peyton Manning of his family; his brother Evan is really Eli-like) Bias aside, Josh joins after a great stint with the quality folks at CRL and Justin from inside the office. It’s nice to see younger folks getting out there in our world. We need to keep growing our depth (Greg Carney has been pounding this theme for years) and getting that next generation active and involved. By the way if you are a customer of either of these guys, don’t hold their connections to me against them!

LINKS of the WEEK:

-- Pretty cool home… won a national SEED award.

-- Great blog post from CNN on how much information our military shares with the media. We DON’T have to know all the details, surely not to give the enemy info..

-- Tremendous story on the top 10 stupid things people do on line. Shockingly reading this blog was not listed.

VIDEO of the WEEK:

-- My brother had time after cracking the whip on his newest employees (above) to find this hilarious jewel. The actor Will Farrell doing the starting line ups at an NBA game. Love it. He should do this more often. Classic.


Kerry Haglund said...

Max, Thanks for the kind words. We feel the work we do is important and makes a difference to the industry. We have some more exciting stuff coming in the future with an upgraded residential site/tool and other projects to be announced in the near future. ~Kerry

Max Perilstein said...


Thank you for the comment and please keep us up to date!

Great stuff!