Wednesday, September 14, 2011

GlassBuild Day 3

Day 3 at the show… I’ll be short here because I am whipped and because I’ll have the big recap on Sunday.

As most expected the traffic was lighter on Day 3- but the machinery side was jumping. If there’s a storyline here, it’s the machinery booths seem to have solid to awesome traffic throughout.

A fun video about the show will be up on soon and it does feature a certain well-dressed Canadian showing off his dance moves. Also I did see Greg “Fabio” Carney and he was not pleased with me. Love the hair no matter what.

With the shorter day I missed a few folks in getting back around to them. The fine folks at Technoform- I was there for a heartbeat on Monday and just never made it back. Was great seeing the always awesome Milind Jhaveri, even it was only for a second. Also missed hooking up with Chad Simkins of Soladigm- saw him a few times for a few seconds each, but never could connect. He’s a busy dude growing that product line.

I did get around though to several booths and saw some great things- the equipment at Erdman was awesome, as was the machinery at GED. Loved seeing the new technology at 3M and some wild stuff at Zircon. For all intents, this show really brought out the best in the exhibitor.

The full recap is coming over the weekend. We’ll catch up with you more next post!

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