Sunday, January 30, 2011

Is it really growth?

Last week on e-glass Weekly, there was a link to a story about possible growth in 2011 via a report from the Associated General Contractors of America. The report and story was very interesting but one paragraph jumped out at me, and basically got the juices flowing.

“Bid levels will remain very competitive this year. According to the survey results, 29 percent of firms report they plan to lower bid levels in 2011. That follows a year when 74 percent of firms reported lowering bid levels, including seven percent who reported lowering bid levels to the point they lost money performing the work”

So you wonder- last year ¾ of the GC’s lowered their pricing but this year only a little more than a ¼ “plan” to. So is this optimism? Or will when this poll comes out in 2012 does it show that everyone dropped again. I also think the poll is goofy. I mean do you ever PLAN on dropping your number? Isn’t that kind of hokey? I also believe that the 7% listed that lost money on lowered bid levels is woefully low just because when you have more GC’s than ever bidding a job, you know there’s more than 7% that are dropping below the Mendoza line. Anyway the moral of the story is while things are seemingly on pace to improve, there’s still lingering issues hanging out there.


-- Really, really sad news this week as I just heard about the mid January passing of Mark Bond of WA Wilson. Mark was a tremendous man and his passing leaves a big hole in hearts of many folks both at Wilson and everyone that dealt with Mark on a daily basis. When I was growing up in the industry, I dealt with Mark (my company sold to Wilson and if/when we messed up, it was Mark we/I dealt with) and he schooled me- I learned a ton from him and respected him beyond belief. He had beaten some serious health scares over the years, so when I heard he passed; I was shocked because I really thought he could overcome anything. A good man and huge loss. Condolences go out to everyone at Wilson and Mark’s family. He’ll truly be missed.

-- Last week’s blog by fellow e-glass Weekly blogger Bill Evans was super. No doubt Bill is a guy that can inspire. That entry is the type that should be sent around the office because it really its home….

-- Speaking of fellow bloggers I wonder if Chris Mammen will be hanging out at the Super Bowl this weekend….

-- Interesting article here on how one power company looks to cash in on Solar… but unfortunately on the backs of the adopters! This was due to happen that is for sure.

-- Last… and certainly not least… the Super Bowl is this weekend. If you have followed this blog (and thank you for following), you know I am on an epic picking streak… I am always wrong. So I think you can assume what my pick will be this week. So here goes…
I am picking the Packers to win… and not just because my picking a team makes the other team win and I am a Steeler fan. No here’s the reasons why:

1. I like the Packers- love Rodgers and think the GB D is good and the Steelers without their starting center will have issues.
2. Can Pittsburgh really win its 3rd title in 6 years? That’s Scott Surma like success there.
3. The MGM took in a MILLION dollar bet on the Packers. WOW. Story is here if you want to read.
4. Most important my Mom demands I pick the Packers and by doing so I move up on her list and could crack the top 20 of people she likes. (Loooong way to go to get to the rarified air my brother and sister hang out in with my Mom)

So to make this even more wild- when I was in Las Vegas this week I put money down on the Packers to win outright. So if the Pack wins, I win some cash and folks in Wisconsin won’t hate me. If the Steelers win, I’m happy, family is happy and I will have amazingly gotten every playoff pick wrong- which you have to admit is impressive. Anyway hope it’s a good game and also let’s have some good commercials this year too!


-- A crazy college ski trip and wimpy sponsor

-- Cool invention to show parents what their teenagers are doing behind the wheel… have I ever told you how I dread my kids growing up?

-- And last a guy after my own heart.. he is trying to GAIN weight so he can get gastric bypass surgery! I love it!


Sent to me by an old co worker and friend, this is simply amazing… a crazy stunt that needed perfect planning. And I swear it looks fake but I just don’t know how you fake it… thanks to JK for the link!

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