Monday, June 14, 2010

Kinda OK at AIA

AIA was last week and the reaction was that it was a solid show but not spectacular. Traffic on the floor from what I was told by several people was spotty to slow, but the quantity vs quality effect was in play. In most cases quality visits for a trade show a much more appreciated than a booth that is packed with students and other vendors. In any case this show had a lot of things working against it- slower economy, tough location and terrible calendar date, so for any positivity to come out of it, well you can count that as a win. Now the focus switches in our world to GlassBuild and I expect that show to do better than people expect. Vegas always attracts and I think the timing works too. In addition check out the line up for the Glass Executive Forum which is becoming a must attend event with the focus they are putting out. For more info on Glassbuild and all the good stuff, click HERE.


-- The April housing info came out with a ranking of the top 361… these were cities that were ranked based on the number of housing permits issued… Jacksonville, NC ranked #1 followed by Auburn, AL and Gulfport, MS (obviously everyone wanting to live near Greg Carney). The bottom 3 was Danville, IL, Wheeling, WV and Sandusky, OH. Now if you recognize Sandusky, that’s where the amusement park Cedar Point is… great park, but evidently not great enough to build a house near by.

-- The World Cup has been interesting… from those horns that make it sound like you are watching the game from inside a giant bees nest; to all of the pageantry it’s been cool. Though I have to wonder what hockey players think when they watch soccer. Afterall a hockey player will lose 7 teeth and still play through it, where a soccer player gets tackled and they writhe in pain like they’ve been shot. Still I guess that’s the charm eh?

-- Last week in the links I had the story on Washington State and the fact the builders are fighting the new green laws. Well amazingly the Governor of the state agreed with the builders and oh boy did that fire up the opposition. Check this out for the comments at the bottom… Worst part is all that will happen is that this will make the Seattle and Washington folks who abuse us nationally even madder…

-- And speaking of things that originate in the state of Washington… Major props to Nick Sciola and the gang from Hartung Glass after their latest maneuver - acquiring Holcam Sales. It’s a great move to allow an already very solid organization get that much deeper and better.

-- Congrats to the Chicago Blackhawks for winning the Cup… enjoy it but prepare for a return of the Pens next year!

-- And kudos to the gang at RavenBrick for making the pages of the New York Times! If you missed it the article on their windows can be found HERE.


EricStangel- If you want pure quick Twitter sports related comedy, this is it. Stangel is the Head Writer/Exec Producer for David Letterman so you know he has the skills and his tweets are usually hilarious. Most have a sports theme to them but he does veer off to pop culture. Anyway it’s a great diversion from our normal lives…

BOOK of the WEEK

The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich. This is a great, fast read on the history and start up of Facebook. Mezrich has written some of my favorite books, most notably “Bringing Down the House” and he delivers here again. Basically the insight on how Facebook went from being a lark to an extremely gigantic force is covered in pretty colorful detail with enough twists and turns to be soap opera like too.


This one sent to me by Greg Carney and it’s fantastic, it shows the building of a Southwest Airlines jet in rapid motion. (2:30 from start to finish!) Just an awesome view of how the whole thing comes together. Thanks for the video Greg!


Rich Porayko said...

As a hockey fan, soccer is hard to watch. I don't mind it on in the background and watching highlights but there are many things I'd rather do than sit and watch an entire soccer match!

Going to a game is another story. I had the opportunity to see Man-U in Manchester and a few games in Rio de Janeiro. The atmosphere of a pro soccer game easily exceeds any other professional sport on the planet.

Max Perilstein said...

Rich- Thanks for the post!

No doubt seeing a game in person at the venues you mentioned would be epic!

Anonymous said...

Where did you go thisw week?