Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Sexy" Products Are Good

So this week the President had a speech where he commented that some building materials like windows are “sexy” because of the money they could save. After I heard that it made me wonder because President Obama’s opinion seems to run opposite of the code folks and even the folks at the Department of Energy. When Marc LaFrance (DoE) heard the president say it, he probably piped up with some random and outdated statistic about Low E usage. See and that continues to be the problem… the President of the United States can see the potential/ability our material has and heck he didn’t even see the incredible dynamic and solar products being developed every day, yet will the DoE ever get around to respecting it and will the codes stop abusing it? I always hold out hope because as you’ve seen here the folks representing our industry are top notch but even with that the opposition is just so huge. So for now I’ll take “sexy” and run with it and hopefully it will bring people to the realization that they have some amazing products right under their noses.


-- I was going to hit on some NFRC stuff, but fellow blogger Chuck Knickerbocker did a great job in his last post (if you missed it, it’s here.) Funny I have even seen it printed and at glaziers, so it’s being used to educate. (Funny… people sure are printing a lot from USGNN these days…hmmm) The difference between Chuck and me? He’s a level headed, experienced and class guy…. And I am surely not… especially on this issue.

-- Folks be very wary of the note on USGNN about the UL/ICC partnership. I will have more on this later but this will not be fun or good for our industry upon first blush.

-- Doesn’t it worry you that there’s a huge rush to get Health Care figured out by Christmas but the actual program won’t kick in until something like 2014?

-- Construction jobless rate jumped to 19.4% in November… ugh BUT commercial construction starts were 6% higher in the same month… so who knows but I think the “doing more with less” mantra is everywhere.

-- Speaking of scary… Reed Construction had this blurb:

As this ugly year ends, it is clear that 2010 will be a better year for the economy, although the recovery will be disappointingly slow. The sluggish economic growth in the 2% plus range is close enough to zero that some industries and some regional markets will continue to shrink for many more months, says Reed Construction Data chief economist Jim Haughey

Yep who needs to diet… just read this and you want to toss your last meal.

-- Switching gears… Can Indy and New Orleans go unbeaten? Can you imagine if two 18-0 teams met in the Super Bowl? Our TV’s and computers would melt from the hype. Hopefully that doesn’t happen as all the Viking and Eagle fans I am friends with would be very unhappy… shame Pittsburgh doesn’t have a team… ha ha

-- Anyone going to IBS this year? With that side of the business starting to perk up some, I wonder if the return to glory days will be this year or next year. How will we know? When exhibitors hire midget Elvis, Elvira and Dolly Parton imitators (like was done in the past) to work their booth, you know happy times are here again…

Off to the Links…

2 weeks… no “Link Chick”… maybe need to send an SOS out for her. So this week, these are all mine… and a couple of real doozies here….

-- This has to be the story and study of the year… a doctor in Germany did a study on men’s habits… specifically seeing if men who stare at women’s chests are healthier than those who don’t. Seriously. (I am sure we’ll have this in the US backed by Stimulus cash) Anyway I won’t ruin the results… the story is here… amazing…

-- Those who know me, know I love Fantasy Football… well come companies do not… and Fidelity just FIRED four guys for playing… ouch…

-- I swear this story comes up every year… a cellphone bill for $20,000 for a 13 year old! This one somehow downloaded a ton of stuff to run up the bill… ooops and yikes…

Book of the Week:

The Book of Basketball by Bill Simmons. It’s over 700 pages long and a tremendously easy and enjoyable read. If you love NBA hoops, then you will love this book. Simmons by the way is in my opinion the best sportswriter in America right now.

Video of the Week:

No clue who this young man is, but he’s got great stage presence. He does the Top 10 Tiger Woods jokes… most you have heard I am sure… but pretty comical stuff…


Mike Davey said...

Hey. The study about staring at breasts is bogus. Don't worry, a lot of people were taken in by this one. The story was originally published a few years ago, in the Weekly World News.

Max Perilstein said...

Mike- Thanks... see what happens when the "link chick" leaves me high and dry? dang... hillarious story though...

Anonymous said...

I think the NFRC management just made a very serious mistake. I think the Board should investigate the matter and fix it.

Start digging, Max.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to all,
(chanukah,Kwanza and all the holidays, holy observations I missed - change the word Christmas to your religeous perswasion)
while you guys enjoy Turkey etc, spend aminute feeling a little sorry for my family and me....
our Boiler blew back a couple of days ago, automatic cutoff should have switched it off in 45 seconds- didn't happen. If it wasn't for the various smoke, CO2 and other alarms - some ranging on the paranoid - We would all probably have slept through.
By the time I got to the boiler room the flash light was no good I Could literaly stick out my hand about 2 1/2 feet in front of my face point the flashlite at it and still couldn't see my hand. A few minutes later I was in the driveway on my knees just trying to breath...all animals (2 service dogs, 2 pets and 4 cats were all first priorities...oh and the family) So with nothing to worry about I went back in and shut every thing down.
Bottom line, the oily soot went into every nook & cranny in the house, the "disasterteam" (same company that responded to the Pentagon for the clean up after 9-11) will be here in the morning to wssh everything in the house, scrup all walls, ceilings everything in th house. May have to refinish the floorstoo, however the biggest headache is the 25 HD contractor bags that have to be dry cleaned. What a nightmare.
Well, as my family and myself "suffer through this" we realized we have 25 bags worth of stuff to be dry cleaned..then house will be better than normal in a couple of weeks and the timing lets us gatecrash inlaws for fun.

In my spare time, which I did have a bunch off - I helped The Doe Fund /RWA who rehabilitate homless people to get them back into society, I couldn't help thinking of their accomodations this Christmas - Imaculate facilities, 4 squares a day, great equipment to train on but sleeping with 9 outherguys in a very tastefuly way, however, still 10 in a room until 9month initial training was finished then off to work release they all work for RWA to pay for room and board.
So ina couple of weeks I will get and extra Chrismas of almost every piece of clothing I own being returned all clean - not to shabby. There is also a good chanve they will approve my house for a complete paint job....I supply paint they cover is a great Christmas after all.

Now...go out and do your part , no matter how little it is, even a smile and a cup of coffee to a homeless dude will make both of truly warm this season, add in and old heavy jacket and you are a king.
best wishes
Jim Fairley

Anonymous said...

Follow up
Well the guys came today and started the clean up of our house. Now I do not tknow if many of you know this, but my wife is an ex Vetinarian, along with this comes a pied Piper following of animals in various states of repair, until, that is , they are ready to go back to their loving owners. The special treatment speeds recovery incredibly.
Well, today was not a good one for our Cairn Terrier to be sure. During the opening and closing of doors by the eight or so guys, a inconspicous hug turned into a "your dog got away from us". There was no use for any extra words or fill-ins.
Life goes on.........

every one, enjoy the moment, plan for the next. Hug your wife and kidsRepeat every now and again , just for the sake of it, added bonus.....feels good too.

have an incredible season, not everything can be counted in dollars and cents.
Jim Fairley