Wednesday, August 19, 2009

BIM me up Scotty

The story of BIM (Building Information Modeling) has been one that continues to stay in the news. What looked like a “flash in the pan” effect has withered away and every day the BIM movement gets traction. The big move this week was the announcement in Texas that the state facility commission will use BIM for its projects. Steps like this obviously push more legitimacy to BIM which really has been lacking it thanks to many platforms, suppliers and overall styles. Not to mention costs that are pretty intense too. I have been on both sides of the BIM argument (yes I am a flip flopper) as I see the value but I also felt like there’s more hype than true substance. On the value side, it surely could help speed processes and make people more efficient. On the hype side, it’s not everywhere yet, and there’s still a massive majority of architects just not ready to dive in. In any case news like the Texas announcement move the process forward, now we’ll see if some of the issues that plague BIM (platforms, costs etc) will even out and allow it to become more mainstream.


-- By the way, the newest issue of USGlass also has some serious BIM info in it too... always leave it to the talented people there to stay on top of the trends.

-- On the rough side, I have been getting comments and e mails regarding some depressing news in our industry… and yes I have chosen NOT to print it as it is not confirmed. And yes I know I am hypocrite because I did stuff like that in the past… so hammer away at me. But maybe this is me turning over a new leaf as I think I am like many of you out there, just not interested in wallowing someone else’s misery. And right now, there’s a lot of misery… (and if you are not miserable then you are in denial)

-- I am also totally depressed that due to a scheduling snafu I won’t be at GANA’s Fall conference. I was so looking forward to the epic return of Greg Carney and also seeing the great things about our industry. So many good and talented people in one place does help to inspire me and focus. Funny, I am sure there are a couple hundred people who WILL be at Fall Conference thrilled that they know I won’t be there!

-- Greenwashing… yes the process of over-selling your “green” ability has always been an issue… now for those of you who care about this stuff, there’s a 41 page report on the evils of greenwashing… it’s here and it’s actually somewhat interesting…

-- One of the greatest movie lines of all time was from “Stripes” and it was:

John Winger: C’mon, it’s Czechoslovakia, we zip in, we pick em right up, we zip right out again. We’re not going to Moscow, its Czechoslovakia! It’s like going into Wisconsin!
Russell Ziskey: Well I got the **** kicked out of me in Wisconsin once. Forget it!

Well last week, the meaning of getting the crap kicked out of you in Wisconsin came out when a would be robber walked into a bar with the intention of holding it up… except he picked a bar in Janesville, WI that was hosting a night out for Wisconsin POLICE officers! Needless to say… he got the **** kicked out of him in Wisconsin! Life imitates art… I love it.

-- Sad news on the passing of Peter Lisec. Our condolences to his family and the folks at Lisec. You know you are legend when your name is used the way his was. The “Lisec” line is akin to using Kleenex or eating Jell-O. And for most people in our industry automated machinery started and ended with the Lisec products. Obviously a great loss for the industry.

-- Amazing that this week saw our first foray into Hurricane season… but as many people forget Hurricane season goes until November 1st, so there’s a ton of time left to see what happens- though the experts are saying it will be a light season. We will see…. You know the conspiracy theorist in me says we need one to threaten the Gulf, so gas prices can rise just because….

Off to the links…

-- You may not know this but the all famous “link chick” is a world class track and field star…. So I am sure that’s what drives the world’s current fastest man… Usain Bolt with an incredible world record smashing effort…

-- A nun chases down a burglar…. The only thing that would’ve made this story perfect is if the nun was from Wisconsin!

-- And finally, awesome news… the potbelly look is back!! Hooray…. Who needs that diet now! Plus no need to have the Walker boys dress me according to this article, I am in style baby!!

Video of the week:

From the “people have waaaaay too much time on their hands” department…. There’s folks out there that are “mashing” music- basically mixing full songs together… and I was sent one this week- check this out… it’s the classic “We will rock you” set to the tune of Outkast’s “Hey Ya”…. Creative as heck, just wonder who has time to do this stuff!

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