Tuesday, July 21, 2009

NFRC Day 2

Another quick post...

Rare good news from an NFRC meeting... a grant was given for a study by IGMA... amazing actually... I thought the only money went to board members and friends of board members.

It makes me think back.... I wonder how that 30 grand was used by Gary Curtis to educate the architects on CMA a few years ago.... Yep that was probably money well spent (SERIOUS SARCASM)...especially since no one still knows or understands the Titanic outside of us few people who pay attention to this stuff.

Gary is listed to be at this meeting, if you are there you should ask him how those meetings went!

Regardless, nice that a good organization like IGMA at least gets some love.

But all in all you add the money this group spends on people like Potomac (who seemingly add nothing) and now a high powered marketer (because they have to beg people to use their program) and its pretty amazing that they get away with it. That money could be used to work better with their "Consensus" to defray costs (and don't give me the BS grandfather clauses and 33% discounts- thats petty) and help launch programs. But instead they'd rather spend money to stick it down people's throats....

It's sad.. but sadder yet is if this program hits, it will catch people so off guard and the problems it will bring will be unreal. No doubt good people will get burned. But don't worry the test labs and the consultants (like Gary) will be just fine.


Anonymous said...

So, are you in attendance?

Max Perilstein said...

Nope. Decided a while back that spending any more money there was not worth it. Especially when they did what they wanted any way.

Plus with the always enjoyable NFRC blog... I have a seat at the table!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Max

You sound to down in the dumps lately...your bumming me out !
I use to look to your blog for a few laughs after dealing with issues in this industry all day.
Chill out a little!
Paul DeGray