Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And yet another thing to worry about...

Folks once again I am here to sound the alarm and this time on the list is the Cap and Trade provision that is currently working through congress. This bill will be a massive disaster to our industry (and not to mention all of us personally- but that’s another story for another time.) Basically this bill will hurt the primary glass guys badly, even the “beloved” Cardinal (who always seems to get their way). Cap and Trade has not been successful and Europe and it won’t be here either. What it will do is run industries like ours into even bigger issues than we all already deal with. I am no expert, but do some research, check out the info GANA has on it and you will agree (if you have logic) that is not good. And once again I expect to be skewered for being a puppet of the primaries (even though most of them can’t stand me either.)


-- By the way follow all of the Energy stuff on GANA’s incredible Energy page that can be found by clicking HERE.

-- Greg Carney update… according to the last note I received not much has changed with Greg but he did make what was termed a “baby step” in the right direction. Let’s keep the thoughts and prayers going his way, the man deserves that much.

-- This week the 30/30 disaster was back in the news again via USGNN and a story on how this provision makes no sense from the skylight side of business. So yet another angle appears that wasn’t thought of by the brain surgeons on Senator Olympia Snowe’s payroll. (That makes like 112 so far…) The funniest part of the story was this line: "Collins' office said they are working to change it while Snowe's office sent a form letter, which didn't address any of our issues," said Magnuson. WOW what a stunner, you mean the person that slipped this idiotic provision in with a 3AM discussion did not reply? Color me shocked. Hopefully the folks of Maine have an option when Snowe runs for re-election because she needs to go.

-- And by the way, Gas went up again this week and Oil is at $60 per gallon… sorry I have to do this, its my therapy… talk it out and hope I am oh so wrong.

-- 24 ended and if you did not watch it, skip this paragraph… I did not like the finale… you invest 22 hours in something and then the end is a let down… that pretty much sucks. Still a bad Jack Bauer is better than no Jack Bauer! All in all I just thought they should’ve ended it with more of a 24-like shock and less of a skittish soap opera obvious cliffhanger.

-- I just finished my next column for USGlass (on newsstands where the best magazines are sold) and one angle I hit was this… are you surprised that in this slowing economy everyone is still standing? Or do you like many others think that it’s just a matter of time when companies will start to fall off? To me that is the story to watch for the 2nd half of the year.

Off to the LINKS…

-- A solar house in Michigan… good idea right? Well not when the pipes freeze… oh boy… methinks there’s still a lot of technology that has to be figured here before we all live this way.

-- Fewer people are flying this summer but travel will still suck according to this article. But you know what sucks… people who use up the overhead space for their laptop case/purse/briefcase. THAT’S FOR BENEATH THE SEAT MORON… I swear one day you’ll read about me getting tossed off of a flight for that. Major pet peeve.

From the always awesome “link chick”… who is unlike me… positive and happy…

-- Rewarding stores who adopt green policies… I like it…

-- Interesting story on how people in Indonesia beat traffic… by using Carpool jockeys


You may have heard about the two girls who were involved in a major car accident 2 years ago and the folks at the scene mis-identified the girls and for five weeks one family believed their daughter was dead and the other family sat bedside with a girl that they “thought” was their daughter. Now the whole story of that time is being told in a book by both families called “Mistaken Identity” Great read and your heart just goes out to everyone involved. It also makes you want to hug your kids and not let go.


Former KC Royal great George Brett goes off on the media… and you have to love his passion… but his choice of golf slacks has got to go.

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