Saturday, February 07, 2009

Quick Saturday Post

2 quick items...

1. The Stimulus plan... evidently, according to Bloomberg, one of the items taken out of the stimulus plan was the following:

The Senate agreement pared from the bill $20 billion for school construction, $2 billion to expand broadband access in rural areas, $3.5 billion to make federal buildings more energy efficient and $200 million for NASA.

Yes you have to love it... so while there can be TONS of things removed porkwise from this bill, one of the things is energy efficiency? Wow... they must've asked Marc LaFrance for his opinion and he probably is still waiting for a call back from Garrett Stone to give it. (Sorry- insider reference).
Seriously this one is comical... personally I think they should make sure if they are giving any money or support to the NFRC that needs to go bye bye.

But on the flip side- I would've loved to have see how the energy efficiencies were going to take place. Were they going to add Solar Panels, Electrochomic Glazing and high performance Low E? If thats the case then it really is a huge loss. But the comedy of it is the total lack of care for energy efficiency- all the way at the top.

2. California is now so broke that state agencies are cutting work hours. Add this to the delay in refunds and the state is hurting for cash flow bad. So hopefully the Gov will start slashing at the CEC- especially when he see's how much of California's resources have been squandered by chasing illogical NFRC style programs.

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