Wednesday, January 28, 2009

BEC- Will YOU be there?

The GANA BEC show is fast approaching and when I reviewed the list of attendees I was blown away at the level of quality that is attending. I know I say every year that it’s the best of the best in our industry, but this year it’s really true. Plus in a tough economy to get the turnout we are expecting is unreal, then again having an event like this attracts the shrewd and smart in our industry as no one with a good feel will want to miss it. It’s funny a glazier told me last week he was budgeting for the glass show in Atlanta and I told him that was fine, but in reality he’d be attending the wrong event (if he could only go to one). Obviously I am biased but no way will you ever get the caliber of people and mix of industry professions in one spot at a trade show. That’s what will always make this show the best.

-- Is it not the scariest thing seeing every day another company announcing massive layoffs?

-- As for our industry I think it’s still a battle. The rumor mongers are working overtime and if you try hard enough you can hear a rumor about every company that has ever touched a piece of glass or metal. Tougher times breed this mentality. However at the end of this day not everyone will be standing. The only redeeming factor to this is the fact we have way too many players and the field really does need thinning.

-- Color me confused on the moves by Serious Materials- especially the move to possibly buy the Republic Windows location. Maybe the city of Chicago is stepping up and helping to financially support the move, but I just don’t see it. Glad the folks there who lost their gigs because of the shenanigans of past management will get another chance though- so at least that was a good thing.

-- By the way NFRC put out a note about how great the marketing opportunity it is to sponsor their meetings. What’s next the local Dentist offering sponsorships for root canals? Both are about the same enjoyment levels. I cannot wait to see who jumps in and sponsors this because that means that company has money to burn which means they charge their customers too much if they can throw money at a bizarre gig like this.
-- I did hear from a few others that the IBS show was better than I thought. Still I can only go on what I saw and experienced. Plus they expected 90,000 people and they say only 60,000 attended. (which also seems high). End of the day that show was not a good one for anyone at this point.

-- Got some great e mails this week with links and pictures and jokes and such… here’s a few of the highlites… Thanks gang!

-- From Stu… a billboard that many people wish they could make happen and would gladly wield the apparatus to do the job!

From Tara, classically stupid headlines… some of these are just so amazing...

This is great since you know I pretty much despise all attorney's except a couple.... Guess he'll win somehow eh?

This is almost like the bad bailout stories you hear!

Yep... this would mean there is such thing as a 25-teen....

Now the regularly scheduled links!

The “Link Chick” is BACK! Fresh from the Obama inauguration and she was on fire this week- awesome stuff all around. Hopefully she can keep up as I hear rumors that she may become the new administration’s top diplomat to Cuba.

-- The game of “LIFE” with a new model that is more… shall we say “realistic”
-- Going green now hits the kid market with the Eco Friendly Dollhouse… oh its cute and I know my friend the Pundit will order one for her children (when that time comes)
-- An incredibly cool link on how much caffeine it would take to kill you…. For me it would take 416 Diet Dr Pepper’s…. which somedays I think I have come close to… try it out!

-- A goat was arrested for armed robbery. Seriously. And I think the same people who arrested the goat should sponsor the next NFRC meeting.
-- And a link from Josiah on the Chinese striking again this time with faulty drywall… CLICK HERE.

Video of the Week

Also from the “link chick” it’s a classic video of a husband using his wife to test out bullet proof glass. I believe this is chosen method of most bullet resistant folks…

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