Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The after effects of Ike

No doubt a tough weekend in Texas and our thoughts are with everyone still battling to get back to some semblance of “normal.” Anyway if this storm proved anything it’s that there is no doubt that the need for Hurricane Impact systems is a must. I cannot imagine the Insurance companies sitting this battle out especially when you see the success of the product vs. a Hurricane of Ike’s strength. So the time is here… but even if they can get these coded, the next step will be to get the codes enforced… and since this is a safety issue it should take precedence. But sadly that is an area that has been lacking, like in South Carolina where some people turn the other cheek and don’t put the right material in and no one is holding them accountable. And of course this is yet another reason why I am not for the NFRC way of doing things. The NFRC will end up monopolizing time from code officials that need to be used on safety issues like this… not the un-necessary police action that they are attempting to get by.


-- Yes it is amazing that I can incorporate NFRC into almost anything huh?

-- Also on Ike… the remnants did damage everywhere it went including far away (from Texas) places like Columbus, Ohio and Pittsburgh. That was an epic storm.

-- Would’ve liked to have seen the networks grab a guy like Greg Carney and have him explain why if the JP Morgan Chase Building had hurricane systems in it that the glass would not be 3 feet deep all over the street. Then again if Greg goes on TV, he’ll become a star and leave us to work with Letterman and Leno…

-- The other disaster of the week was the stock market. When someone posted about Lehman Brothers on my blog last week, I don’t think I or anyone else realized that other shoe was in the process of falling. The market is scary, and the bail outs from the Feds are not the greatest medicine either. I am bothered by so much of this- these guys conducted business terribly- their greed got the best of them and in the end we all will be paying for this. Not only that, but as the poster noted, this does give the bad guys an angle. If United Airlines stock could drop like a rock based on a rumor, it is truly scary how fragile our markets really are. Basically we have to all hold on as this will really be a bumpy ride.

-- Hey maybe now some of these CEO’s won’t take 75 million dollar bonus checks eh? Insane.
The other effect of the banks and credit crisis is the fact it will hurt the deal making and acquisitions in our industry. Some companies may go under and some deals may not get done. It will be very interesting to see who becomes collateral damage thanks to this.

-- And while I am ranting- how is Oil priced at $92 per barrel but gas prices are still atrocious? Yes I know a major portion of our supply shutdown for Ike, but the Oil prices have been dropping for a while before that and the price going down was surely not matching the pace of when it went up… Seriously as frustrated as people may get on pricing on our industry, it really is a walk in the park compared to gas prices.

-- Hey does anyone know when the 24 hour all Sarah Palin network starts? This way instead of every channel running a special on her, all can go on one station.

Off to the LINKS…

-- Lindsay Lohan hates Sarah Palin. How come I have a feeling when the Obama folks see this they say to themselves “yeesh- we really don’t need your help!”
((UPDATE-9/17 Obama actually comes out and says "No Thanks! This is comical!)

-- A new poll shows a good amount of men love their Blackberry more than their wives. As for me… um… well you know I love my wife, but man without my little buddy… wow.. tough call… (Thankfully my wife does not read this blog!)

-- For those folks who fly all over like me.. the dread of charging for baggage is taking effect with overhead bin issues now. I think seriously the next move for the airlines is to charge for your carry-ons too. I mean it really is the next frontier if you ask me.

Video of the Week

Not the normally funny or happy video this week….
Not sure if you are following the tragic case of Caylee Anthony. She is the 3 year old girl who disappeared and many folks are pointing the finger at her mother. Anyway this story is tragic enough but then you see the circus out front of the Anthony house- it’s like a scene from Spinger. Very sad. A toddler is probably dead and man oh man people just go nutty.


Anonymous said...

Hi Max,
you are big time correct, how could any-one look at the pictures of that Chase building and not see a perfect reason for Hurricane glass? Not just for the obvious high wind / debris breakage, but for all the other ugly reasons that so quickly come home to roost in todays World.

AIG..... very scary but it gets worse. The interest rates of the loans is very high. Looks like there will be a fire sale of "assets" to pay them off, or even worse, buys time for a controlled Bankrupcy on their (AIG) terms. Either way, lending / borrowing money will be much tighter for all industries, and that just may be the understatement of the year. As you stated, keep an eye open for collateral damage.

As for "your little friend".... there is a reason they are lovingly called "crackberries".

Keep dry


Max Perilstein said...

Jim- thanks for the post... a great point about the unfortunate need for security in our world. The shame is that Hurricane and Blast lami's have to be different- it would be amazing if they were interchangable...