Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A tough situation gets tougher

C’mon admit it. You know when you saw the term “Force Majeure” last week; you had to look up what it meant. I mean how many times has a term like that been used in our lifetimes? It’s just not in that everyday usage pattern that’s for sure- so you know when you see it, it has to be serious and obviously the situation that PPG and our industry is in right now is a serious one. With glass already very tight a situation like this makes it even more perilous (another rarely used word). Hopefully for our industries health, the situation at the Texas plant gets rectified quicker than initial assessment and we can keep on track. But even if it does, the glass shortage I talked about a few weeks ago just got a lot worse.


-- Want some perspective on how our industry is viewed to some people? PPG makes that crucial announcement and their stock does not move. Basically still the same today as it was last week. Didn’t even make a blip.

-- Great reaction on the LEED article I posted last week… if you did not check it out, scroll down and click because it’s worth it. It really shows the weakness within LEED and some of the ignorance that is at play. Best line (comical) I got was the following:
“I can’t wait til this guy writes a report on NFRC. He’ll get carpal tunnel from all the typing on that one!”

-- Found a lower life form than the ambulance chasing lawyer. It’s the job employment head hunter. I am really baffled why anyone uses these services. Plus the way they do business is pretty pathetic, so those that do use them deserve what they get at the end of the day. (A crappy overpaid employee but “the headhunter” found em!... as Nelson on the Simpsons would say HA HA)

-- Hurricane/Tropical Storm Gustav is churning towards the Gulf as we speak… man if there is any justice in the world this thing will peter out. No way can that territory handle another storm. Let’s all hope for the best.

Off to the Links…..

-- A cool story on how much the Obama Text message on his VP pick went down and what it could/would’ve cost.

-- Summer is over, school is back in session and now the Farmer’s Almanac is out with its forecast… gonna be a cold one… oh joy!

-- This story says all US adults could be overweight in 40 years. You mean all of us aren’t now? (Yeah I know thats just me) But seriously, that is one wild claim- I’ll have to have my kids buy stock in Casual XL Male.

Video of the Week…

And since it’s virtually Winter (ugh!) a great oldie but goodie video from blog reader Larry… quick and funny….

Shame that whale couldn’t eat a headhunter eh?

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