Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mistaken Identity and the Ambulance Chasers

The lawsuits are frivolous. Plain and simple. And now its somewhat personal, yet confusing since last week’s note of Perilstein Glass joining the suit… which followed with my (and my brother’s) e-mail box overflowing with curious questioners. To answer everyone- that is not us.. and its not our former company either. I believe it’s our cousins, but have not had any discussions for years with them and quite frankly did not realize they are in the industry anymore- oh well, you learn something new everyday. I know that some people believe that these are good- but I am telling you they are not and in the long run, our industry will hurt more all because a few lawyers chased this ambulance. Believe me, they are in for their money- a quick buck. And here’s hoping that primaries kick their behinds. Is everything rosy in this industry? No. But did we have happen here what happened in Europe? No way. And that’s the bottom line- these are just cut and paste adventures with some folks to front it- lawyers that hope to roll it into class action and maybe hit the jackpot. And this is exactly why lawyers get bad names- and good legal folks like Kim Mann and Rick Kalson stand out from their crowd.


-- USGNN is a very powerful…. And people read it…. And if you miss one word… one very important word on a press release… many will notice it…. At least I know there are people who have the same passions I do… except in other disciplines! And by the way… Heat Soaking is NOT a 100% option to eliminate breakage… but then again many of you knew that....

-- Stepping back the Heat Soak issue is an interesting one- that’s for sure. Jim Fairley started a thread over at the message boards on it and I can tell you that even though people may not comment in public, they are surely not shy in private. The debate will be how useful is it and will it be mainstream… and both of those questions do usually get people going.

-- Speaking of USGNN, normally every Thursday they link to this blog.. however last Thursday the link went to a new blog edited by USGlass Publisher Deb Levy…. The very coolly named “Deblog” made its debut with a fantastic piece on my favorite subject. If you missed it… click here.

-- I don’t have a ton to say on the NFRC meeting- I was not there and judging from the news reports, it does not look like a lot new happened. Congrats to Greg Carney and Marg Webb for taking a stand though and refusing to waste their valuable time making comments on ballots… especially since they have been usually ignored in the past. Bottom line is still the same.. unless NFRC has an epiphany and decides to try and create a cost effective, simple program, the CMA is still going down like the Titanic… Whoomp… Whoomp… Abandon Ship!
(The odds of NFRC and its profit gathering portion of the membership actually coming to their senses is about the same as the Pirates winning the World Series this year)

-- Gas is looking like it will be $4 this summer… man that is depressing…

From the links this week…

-- Yes even the Pope is into green… check this link out where the Vatican says “Recycle or else!”

-- But on the flip side… this article about a plane that flew from Chicago to London with 5 passengers! Man every flight I am on anymore I think I have to either sit on someone’s lap. 5 passengers? The Pope should have a fit over this and really, in all seriousness, how can they let this happen?

-- This link on the cost of groceries going up… and I am sure someone in that industry is making snide comments on that too… gee thrilled about that late July trip to the supermarket that will cost $50 in gas and then through the roof for Milk and butter…

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