Sunday, August 01, 2021

Focused Forward

It’s August.  This year is just flying by.  We are now just 6 weeks away from GlassBuild and I am trying to stay focused on that and not on the absolute circus in the US with regards to the virus, mandates, and so on.  Since the pandemic started, I have avoided that discussion here because you all can read it somewhere else and this is a place to get away from that- but I’m lifting that for a moment just to say I am hopeful that the backward angles (and what I consider absolute bizarre guidance and horrendous messaging) that is taking place right now will be temporary and we’ll be back on track again.  That's it. I refuse to look back- I said that at the start of this year after getting that wisdom from Mr. Friese and Randy Steinberg- don’t look back, only go forward.  So here we go, 6 weeks we’ll all be together at an incredibly important event, and exhibitors are hustling daily to prepare the best exhibits you have ever seen.  Hopefully saner minds will rise above, and this will be a blip in time.   So, join me, look positively at the future, and get excited to be in Atlanta at the show. to register and any questions feel free to ping me.   




--  If you happened to miss my podcast for July, please check it out.  It was a fun one with really interesting people.  First up was Charles Alexander of Walker Glass.  Interesting guy and a company that truly gets being diverse and active.  Then to Adrian Lowenstein of Skyline Windows, young, sharp, and an absolute riser in our world- love his takes.  Last but not least Jen Marchesani of Shildan, and I have gotten a ton of feedback on her segment and the new appreciation for Terra Cotta.  So to view this on YouTube and see pictures of great work from these folks CLICK HERE and if you just want to listen the audio is HERE or you can download from wherever you listen to podcasts.  Thank you!


--  Nice match up of Lite Sentry and SoftSolution- two excellent companies partnering up for the greater good. I like it.  I respect both organizations and their products which are crucial to high quality in our fabrication plants. I think arrangements like this only make things better in the end- so congrats to all involved!


--  Good to see the news on Rhyno Glass becoming first company in Florida to reach NACC status.  I have never been shy in communicating my respect for the NACC program and I think it is absolutely crucial for the future and health of our industry.  Congrats to the Rhyno team for being first in Florida- let’s keep adding to that list there and everywhere else!


--  I have seen a few stories over the years on repurposing on suburban shopping malls and this is a good one from ArchDaily pointing out the move of malls to residential living.  We need to do more of this… 


--  We as an industry go to Atlanta every other year… well look out, there are BIG plans for the area around the World Congress Center area coming in the future.  The initial thoughts from world class firm Foster + Partners is out and it looks very promising.  Could the area there become a hot spot like Nashville?  Hmmmmmm.  Check it out.   (Note: NOTHING can be as great as Nashville, but areas can try….)


--  Last this week… normally when you see a story about a 27,000 sq ft house for sale (and not selling) there’s a backstory.  This one surely has it.  Interesting one here, and this is A LOT of house.  Wow.



Another person going past barriers to get close to dangerous animals.  And you know what happens next…


I seriously don’t get how a sports trading card – especially recent ones- can be worth millions.


Whoa!  Could SpongeBob be real?



North of the US border again this week with an interior project from Accura Glass.  I think you know I love interior work and when you can utilize bent glass properly on an interior it is a massive win/win.  Accura did that here, added a decorative touch to it and off they go.  Glass on the interior is a major growth area- nice work from Accura on meeting this need. Congrats!



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